Golf | The bear tossed on the golf course on the practice day of the top level competition

The players calmly followed Kontio’s passing march a few tens of meters away.

The forces of nature often interfere with the conduct of sports competitions in outdoor sports.

This has been seen in Olympic golf, among other things. The men’s race was suspended a few times last week, for a long time for a couple of hours at a time, due to thunder.

On Saturday, heavy rain and possibly thunder are expected for the final round of the women’s competition.

Men leading golf professional tours will continue normally after the Olympic break this week. On the U.S. PGA tour, the forces of nature in a slightly different sense came to the golf course.

The training day for the Barracuda Championship, played on the wooded Tahoe Mountain Club field in Trucke, California, took a surprise turn when a bear appeared on the field.

The video, released by the PGA tour, shows how the players and caddies on the practice round calmly follow a few tens of meters away as the bear sweeps across the fairway into the woods.

In connection with the video on tweet, the name of the competition was giggled to fit the Bearacuda Championship.

On a PGA tour exceptionally, two races will be played this week. The world’s top players have gathered for the World Golf Championship Series competition in Memphis, Tennessee. This is a joint competition with the European tour.

There is also a recent Olympic winner Xander Schauffele, who played Thursday’s opening round with 69 strokes (one below par reading) and split 36th in the 66-man race.

There, a smaller piece of nature, a dog, ran on the field. At that time, the competition had not yet begun, but the Field Managers were doing their job.



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