Golf | Sami Välimäki achieved his most valuable achievement of the season

However, the best round result of the week on the last day did not bring a significant rise in the results list.

Sami Välimäki reached his most valuable achievement of the year so far in the golf olympics tournament.

Välimäki shared 27th place among 60 players on the Kasumigaseki Country Club field. The Olympic victory took the United States with a result of -18 Xander Schauffele.

Last year, Välimäki played a great debut season on the European tour, which was also indicated by his choice as the newcomer of the year.

This the season has not gone nearly the same pattern. At its best, Välimäki has shared 21st and 22nd place in May, but the resistance in those competitions was nowhere near as strong as in the Olympics.

Välimäki improved by one more shot from the previous day and ended the Olympic tournament with the best result of the week at 67. The par (71) on the field fell short by four (five birdies and one Bogi).

Välimäki rose to the overall result -9 (70 + 70 + 68 + 67), but it was not enough to raise him a few more places on the result list. Thus Mikko Ilonen still holds in its name the best Finnish ranking in the Olympics (21st)

“Good upward competition. Let’s hope it brings good energy to the next race. It was a positive thing that came four laps under a pair. You have to be happy with that. However, it has not been the best season. Yes, I enjoy playing at the Olympics, ”Välimäki said in Yle’s interview.

Kalle Samooja also played his best round of the week and got the same result 67 as Välimäkki.

The Turku resident climbed to the overall result -4 and to share the 45th place. He made six birdies and two bogies.

“This was not terribly different from the previous two. Lots of good things to do. Today there were the fewest mistakes compared to other days, ”Samooja, who failed in the opening round, said in a statement.

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