Golf | Matilda Castren’s putter flared in the opening game of the Golf Solheim Cup

Matilda Castren, the first Finn to play in the Solheim Cup of golf, was in a good mood right at the beginning of the race.

Finn Matilda Castren started his Swedish couple Anna Nordqvistin with a golf hole game in the Solheim Cup victoriously. In the opening match of the first day of the team competition between Europe and the United States, Castren and Nordqvist defeated the United States in a doubles match. Danielle Kangin and Austin Ernstin.

After another 12 holes, Castren and Nordqvist were at a loss in the match by one hole win, but hit holes 13, 14 and 15. The European pair won three holes in the tube and moved to the lead with two hole wins.

Kang and Ernst were able to take another hole win, but the opening match ended with the Europeans winning by one hole win. Other doubles matches in the opening round are still pending.

Castren, 26, is the first Finn in history to play for the European golf team in the women’s Solheim Cup. The competition will be played at Inverness Field in Toledo, Ohio, USA.

Castrenin putter was really hot right from the start of the hole game. In the four-game matches that opened the competition, the team players hit the same ball alternately. Castren’s pair of players Nordqvist hit the ball in the second hole about ten meters from the hole and Castren sank a long eagle-Putin.

In the fourth hole, Castren flashed his putt skills again when the Finn placed a four-meter birdie-Put in the middle of the hole. Castren’s excellent feel did not disappear throughout the round, as in the ten-hole he succeeded again in a really long in a birdie putt.

Later on Saturday, four four-ball matches will be played, with players playing their own ball. Players playing in four-ball matches will be selected later on Saturday. The tournament culminates on Monday with 12 singles matches.



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