Golf | Matilda Castre writes to the lead in the European tour competition in Turku: “I want to give myself a chance”


Matilda Castrenilla for a very special reason, the goal is to win the European Women’s Golf Tour (LET) competition in Turku.

With the victory, Castren would acquire LET membership, which is basic requirement for selection for the European team to a prestigious match against the United States in September.

On Friday, Castren arranged for himself a realistic chance of winning by taking the lead at the Gant Ladies Open.

Thereto on a day hampered by a rotating wind, the result was 69 to follow the previous day’s par result (71).

The lead was winged by two consecutive birdies in the 16th and 17th holes, as well as the immersion of a parimetric par-Put in the last hole.

“I’m just leaving on Saturday to play my own game. In golf, you can never know what’s going on. I just want to give myself a chance to succeed and have a great day, ”said Castren, who is playing the first LET race of his professional career.

His actual job is on the world’s number one tour of the LPGA, where he has achieved, among other things, victory and second place in the last month.

Castren said he would try not to think that a victory would be required to pursue the Solheim Cup selection.

“Yes, of course it’s an idea in the back of the head, but there’s no need to put more pressure on it. It will happen if it happens. ”

Opening date after led Ursula Wikström lost their positions by playing a score of 76. Vantaa is in a par situation, two strokes from the top.

“It was an awkward day. All the putties that dropped yesterday now spun out. The wind made the day a little more awkward. This is always the case, ”Wikström said.

The third best Finn from Oulu will leave for the final round Kiira Riihijärvi, who plays the first race of his career as a professional. Behind him is a very successful Finnish career.

Riihijärvi, 24, was already in +3 at times, but the eagle in the 16th hole (short par-5) raised him to +1.

Finland’s second Olympic representative Sanna Nuutinen (+2) was a difficult day. The situation was aggravated by a double bog on the third hole, which was the result of the ball ending outside the field in the opening stroke.



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