Golf | Kalle Samooja returns to the European tour – renovates a nearby playground in his backyard during a competition break

The Samoans wanted to build for themselves training conditions similar to the competition.

March After a European tour in Kenya, he took a break from the competition Kalle Samooja makes a return tour to Thursday in Gran Canaria.

In Kenya, the second best result of the season was 12th place reached Samoa took a race break both to get practice time and to do yard repairs.

“Together with JP Helenius, we designed and implemented a place to play and practice for me,” Samooja said in a press release on Tuesday.

“The aim was to create training conditions that match the competition and thus narrow the gap, especially in spring and autumn training, when it is not yet optimal to train in Finland.”

Season Samooja played his best competition in January in Dubai. Fourth place Samoa considers the overall picture to be reasonably good overall.

“Spring has often been a difficult time for me. There has been little lack of tournament endurance to be able to play for four days. ”

Samooja, who changed the ball, is sure to play in the next two Spanish competitions. The carrot of spring comes from the May PGA Championship.

“If I could elevate myself to the top 100 on the world list, I would get into the PGA Championship,” Samooja, currently ranked 130th, said.

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