Golf | A revolutionizing change – the golf balls are replaced with new ones

Golf courses cannot be enlarged, so shots must be shortened by other means.

Golf The St. Andrews Royal and Ancient Golf Club (R&A) and the United States Golf Association (USGA), which administer the rules, have decided to replace the golf balls currently in use with new ones. The British public radio BBC reports about it on their website.

The reason for changing balls can be found in the extended opening shots. Many current top players fly the ball really far. According to golf organizations, getting the ball on the green has become too easy.

In this year’s Masters tournament at Augusta, the organizers had to extend the classic 13th fairway from 466 meters to 498 meters.

The new balls will be introduced in professional tournaments in 2028 and in amateur competitions in 2030.

Fields expansion is neither possible nor environmentally friendly everywhere. CEO of the R&A Martin Slumbers emphasizes the latter aspect.

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“We are convinced that thanks to this decision we have a better chance of achieving a sustainable future for golf, protecting the uniqueness of the sport and fulfilling our responsibility towards the environment.”

In any case, the ball change has significant changes to the game.

Swedish public radio SVT estimates that, for example, long-stroke by Ludvig Åberg the opening shot is about 10–12 meters shorter with the new balls than at the moment.

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