Global health: severe pressure on hospital resources

The World Health Organization has warned that hospital resources in regions of North and South America are under severe pressure due to the high number of people infected with the Coronavirus.
“Many hospitals throughout our region, especially in North and South America, are operating at or near their maximum capacity,” said Clarissa Etienne, Director of the Pan American Health Organization.
It is noteworthy that the Pan American Health Organization is the regional body of the World Health Organization for the Americas.
Etienne pointed to high occupancy rates in intensive care units, lack of oxygen in some areas and a “sustained rise” in cases that put pressure on facilities.
She added: “Last week we witnessed more than 2.5 million new cases of Covid 19 in the Americas region, which is more than half of all global infections. During the same period, 42,000 Americans died from the pandemic.”
The United States, Brazil and Mexico are among the worst affected countries in the region.

Source: Agencies


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