Germany The program of the future German government is ready – Live broadcast at 4 p.m.

Information about the composition of the future German traffic light government seeped in advance: the Liberals were getting the portfolio of the Minister of Finance and the Greens the portfolio of the Foreign Minister.


Germany will soon enter a new era under the leadership of the first three-party governing coalition in its history.

The number one in the September federal election, the Demar Party SPD, the Liberal Party FDP and the Greens said on Wednesday morning that they had completed a proposal for a new government program. The program will be presented at a press conference starting at 4 pm Finnish time.

The program will be submitted to the parties for approval, after which a new government is scheduled to form in early December. The German Chancellor is on the rise Angela Merkelin After a 16-year career, he now serves as finance minister for demariene Olaf Scholz.

The future government is known to be pursuing major reforms, at least in social and climate policy. The government would be phasing out coal by 2030.

According to preliminary data, the voting age in Germany will fall to 16 years.

There are big questions about economic policy, as no plan has yet been presented for financing the planned investments.

Many German media reported in advance the future government’s distribution of seats. According to preliminary data, the candidate for the Chancellor of the Greens and the second chairman of the party would become the Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock.

One of the Greens, Robert Habeck, would receive the post of Vice-Chancellor.

The Liberal would be becoming finance minister Christian Lindner.

The government will be formed by the parties that have strengthened their position in the September federal elections.

The governing coalition is said to be traffic light government, as the party colors are red, yellow and green.

Even before the start of the actual government negotiations, the parties published a declaration of principles on their common policy goals.

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All three parties were already united in their election programs with the goal of liberalizing cannabis use, at least to some extent. Liberalization of cannabis is expected to bring significant additional tax revenues to Germany and curb the disadvantages associated with its use.

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In addition, the Traffic Light Coalition has promised improvements in pensions, basic security and curbing rapid rent growth, among other things.

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