Germany The misfortune at Berlin Airport continues: bag handlers have received such severe electric shocks that they have been ambulance hospitalized

According to the union Verdi, the attacks have caused significant pain, dizziness and numbness to the workers.

Berlin-Brandenburg the misfortune of the international airport will not end there.

Employees who handled passengers ’hand luggage have reported at least sixty cases in which they have received electric shocks from the equipment needed to scan their bags.

According to the union Verdi, the attacks have caused significant pain, dizziness and numbness to the workers. As an Epiphany alone, paramedics were invited to the scene four times. Situations have ended several times through an ambulance for a hospital visit.

The matter was reported by a British newspaper, among others The Guardian as well as German Berliner Zeitung.

Its part passengers have also been affected by the electric shocks. The problem lies in the airport’s number one terminal, where electric shock is generated by all the equipment used to inspect the bags, Verdi says. The association has requested that operations at terminal check-in points be suspended and relocated to the airport premises for the time being.

Aware of the cases, federal police and airport management have not considered this necessary.

A spokesman for the Berlin department of the police told the Berliner Zeitung on Monday that electric shocks do not usually lead to injuries, although they may come as a surprise. According to the newspaper, some of the workers have received several attacks a day and those transported to the hospital for more detailed examinations have been sent home for the rest of the day.

About the equipment however, no deficiencies or technical defects have been found. Static electricity discharges are considered to be the cause of electric shocks.

Therefore, workers have been trained to prevent eruptions, for example by encouraging them to wear shoes that are suitable for the purpose.

“We believe that such incidents can be avoided in the future by following the instructions and taking precautions during security checks,” an airport spokesman Hannes Hönemann stated the Berliner Zeitung.

Hard luck Berlin Airport opened at the end of October nine years behind schedule. The budget had also been exceeded three times.

The arduous journey in the field has been followed, among other things, in these HS stories: ”Contactless design, fake engineer and eviction – Berlin’s new airport became Germany’s own ‘Western Metro’“”Berlin’s new airport opened nine years late and does not resemble its predecessor


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