Germany Germany increases security at the Polish border

Police disbanded a patrol of dozens of far-right people who had left for the border to turn in immigrants.

Germany will increase guarding of its border with Poland, says the interior minister Horst Seehofer Bild am Sonntag magazine. According to him, 800 police officers have already been sent to the border to help control migrants coming from Belarus via Poland.

“If necessary, I’m willing to send even more,” Seehofer said.

Police today disbanded about 50 far-right patrols who had left the border to turn in immigrants. During his operation, police seized, among other things, pampas, pepper spray and a jungle knife.

Those entering the EU illegally from Belarus via Poland have tightened the gap between EU countries. According to the German Ministry of the Interior, almost 6,000 people have already entered the country from Poland without permission this year.

Poland has already threatened to build a wall on its border with Belarus to keep immigrants on the Belarusian side. In addition, Germany and Poland have planned joint patrols at the border.

The EU has accused Belarus of flying migrants from the Middle East and Africa to Minsk and sending them to EU borders in retaliation for sanctions against the country.

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