Germany extends the lockdown to confront Corona and imposes stricter rules

Berlin Mayor Michael Mueller, Angela Merkel and Bavarian State Prime Minister Marcus Soder at a press conference on extending the lockdown

Germany decided to extend the closure period until mid-February, and stricter rules will be imposed regarding people wearing protective masks in stores and on public transport.
This has been agreed by the Federal Government and the German state governments.
Residents will have to wear high-quality medical masks, such as the FFP2 filter masks, which protect the wearer and others, unlike other mouth and nose covers.
Future employers should also allow their employees to work from home if their jobs permit. These rules are scheduled to remain in effect until March 15th.
Chancellor Angela Merkel and the state prime ministers decided to issue the stricter restrictions according to the decision. Merkel was pushing for additional measures to further reduce infection rates and anticipate the outbreak of new strains.

Source: Agencies


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