Germany Armin Laschet, who aspires to succeed Merkel, received support from the party leadership, but the game is not clear

The race for the German Conservatives ’top candidacy, which remained behind the scenes for a week, culminated on Monday.


German chairman of the largest party, the CDU Armin Laschet, 60, on Monday took a week of publicity and behind-the-scenes issue of the Chancelloral candidate to the party leadership.

In the morning, the party leadership voted for two prime ministers, Laschet and Bavarian Prime Ministers, who are running for Finnish office. Markus Söderin, 54, between.

According to media reports, 31 of the votes went to Laschet, nine to Söder.

The CDU selects the chancellor candidate together with its Bavarian sister party, the CSU.

Vote however, there is no final way to select a top candidate. Laschet has said he wants a “joint decision” on the chancellor candidate, which means negotiations between the parties. Next, Söder’s reaction to the vote is expected.

Competition Chancellor Angela Merkelin succession has matured really hard. Dividing lines have emerged not only between the CDU and the CSU, but also within the CDU.

Laschet got the party leadership behind him as early as a week ago on Monday, but Söder continued to challenge him. On Monday, Söder said his candidacy is valid, but he is content with the CDU’s solution.

The CSU is clearly smaller than the CDU, and only represents the Land of Bavaria, with the CDU representing the rest of Germany. In the inter-party protocol, the CDU has the right to elect a common federal chancellor candidate.

This time, however, Söder has emerged as a challenger and enjoys great popularity. Laschet, on the other hand, has not done well in opinion polls. He was elected chairman of the CDU in January, and party support has been mostly declining during the spring.

German the Greens will be a tough challenger to the Christian Democratic Union in the September federal election. The Greens announced on Monday to run for president Annalena Baerbockin, 40, chaired.

Based on current opinion polls, the next Chancellor is likely to come from the CDU / CSU or the Greens.

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