Germany All those who died in the German knife attack were women, among the wounded was a child – Police investigate the motive for the act

Three people were killed in a knife attack in Würzburg, Germany early Friday night. Six people were injured.

All the three victims who died in a knife attack in Germany on Friday were women, according to Reuters.

The attack took place in Würzburg, southern Germany, on Friday early in local time. In addition to the dead, five women were seriously injured in the attack. In addition, the perpetrator stabbed one child in the blow.

A 24-year-old man with a foreign background is suspected of the attack. Authorities said the suspect was probably acting alone, but the motive for the act is not yet known. The matter was reported by the Bavarian Minister of the Interior Joachim Herrmann at a press conference on Saturday.

Police said the suspect may have had previous mental health problems and may have supported extremist Islamic ideas, says the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC.

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Police was informed of the knife attack in the center of Würzburg on Friday in five countries local time.

According to the preliminary investigation, the attack began in the kitchen department of the department store, where the perpetrator stabbed to death the salesman who guided him to the kitchen knives.

The author then stabbed two other women before leaving the department store. According to police, bystanders besieged the suspect before police arrived on the scene and shot the suspect in the leg.

Authorities said one of those injured in the attack was in critical condition on Saturday. Two had already been discharged from the hospital. According to police, it is not yet clear whether the suspect deliberately selected women as his victims.



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