Gel’s body was discovered 9 years after his death!

The elderly have children and neighbors

In a painful incident, the body of an elderly Norwegian, believed to be in his sixth decade of life, nine years after his death, was found in his apartment, despite the fact that he had children and neighbors.
The body of the deceased was discovered in his apartment in “Oslo”, the capital and largest city of Norway, in December of 2020, after the guard in charge of the residential property managed to enter it to perform maintenance work.
The Norwegian police confirmed that the elderly person, whose identity has not been revealed, is the owner of the apartment, which raised questions about why no one was informed of his disappearance or his body was found early and not nearly a decade after his death.
The Norwegian Labor and Welfare Department reported that it has stopped sending his pension since 2018, after attempts to contact him failed.
While inspecting the residence of the deceased elderly, a milk carton with an expiration date written on it was found on May 6, 2011, and a letter dated April 29 of the same year was found, and this message indicates the possible date of his death.
An official in the city of “Oslo” police told local media, describing this incident as being of a special nature as it “makes us all wonder about how it happened.” He affected over the years or noticed even the smell of his corpse, and the answers to these questions remain vague.
The local police official indicated that the deceased “chose to have limited contact with others,” and post-mortem examinations confirmed that the causes of death were natural.
According to local media, the elderly person has been married several times and has children.

Source: Al Ittihad – Abu Dhabi

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