Games Another game disappointment from Amazon: Now the technology giant is canceling the Tale of the Rings game

Amazon Game Studios, which developed the game, has not been able to publish any game successes.

American technology giant Amazon has canceled an online role-playing game based on the Tale of the Rings fantasy series, news agency reports Bloomberg.

The game was announced by Amazon in 2019 and has been developed by Amazon Game Studios and Chinese Leyou Technologies, which was acquired by Chinese giant Tencent in December.

News agency According to Bloomberg anonymous sources, the acquisition led to a contract negotiation dispute between Amazon and Tencent, which led to the cancellation of the game.

Amazon’s communications department confirmed the cancellation of the game to Bloomberg and said the companies could not agree on the terms.

According to Amazon, employees who worked on the game will be transferred to other projects.

Amazon Game Studios has not released any game success since its inception. Among other things, the company has previously canceled Breakaway and Crucible games. The release of New World, on the other hand, has been repeatedly postponed.

Specializing in technology The Verge news site according to Amazon plans to invest massively in another Lord of the Rings product. According to Verge, Amazon will pay $ 465 million, or more than $ 386 million, for the first production season of the TV series The Lord of the Rings.

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