Gamero: his explanation for the elimination of Millionaires in the Libertadores


Alberto Gamero

Alberto Gamero, DT of Millionaires.

Alberto Gamero, DT of Millionaires.

The DT analyzed the defeat against Fluminense.

Pragmatic and effective, Fluminense beat Millonarios 2-0 this Tuesday in Rio de Janeiro and qualified for the third phase of the 2022 Copa Libertadores, taking advantage of their 2-1 victory in the first leg in Bogotá.

Gamer’s Words

At the end of the match, DT Alberto Gamero analyzed the elimination. He defended the proposal directed at him, the fight they had in the series, and lamented the mistakes in the first leg.

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Balance: “We played the first half in a double area, we knew that they have possession and at times we took it away from them, we managed it, the two goals practically came from two counterattacks, which means that we were in the high zone. The result was very broad for what was seen, one is left with uneasiness for what we came to compete, and leave empty-handed, but this is learning, and we are on the right track”.

“The teaching is that you have to win from home, the key was lost in Bogotá. We are psyched up to play international tournaments, the team was not out of tune, we showed that we could compete, there is a committed group that understands what they want and will be satisfied”.

Missing reinforcements?: “We competed, one can never say ‘it was necessary’, because we had it in Bogotá and here too, we could win, one cannot be careless, we did it there and here they score us two goals looking for the result… It’s not always bad when you lose” .

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