Gambling Basic Finns Tynkkynen: Slot machines must be removed from grocery stores of more than one hundred square meters

The Basic Finnish MP says that he has initiated a bill to remove gaming machines from grocery stores.

Congressman Sebastian Tynkkynen (ps) says it has launched a bill to remove gaming machines from stores.

The bill introduces an amendment to the Lotteries Act that would remove slot machines from grocery stores with a sales area in excess of one hundred square feet. It has been considered as a cap in the definition of kiosk trading in previous trade legislation.

“The solemn declarations heard by politicians year after year about tackling the problems of the game will do nothing if nothing is done about it. With this bill, MPs will now be able to move from words to deeds, as the initiative will move forward if it receives the support of a parliamentary majority, ”Tynkkynen says in a press release.

Tynkkynen justifies his initiative with statistics.

“According to a report completed in 2017, Finns played the most gambling games in Europe and the fourth most in the world,” says Tynkkynen. He also refers to estimates that in 2018, Veikkaus, together with foreign gaming sites, caused a net loss of EUR 370 per Finn in relation to the population.

Sebastian Tynkkynen­

“Compared to Sweden, for example, Finns collect almost 70 percent more in proportion to their population. The numbers should wake everyone up, ”says Tynkkynen.

According to Veikkaus’ own survey, in 2019 there were 117,000 citizens with gambling problems in Finland, Tynkkynen reminds.

Slot machines rose to the debate when Lidl said it would remove the gaming machines from its stores as early as this summer. However, there are only 250 slot machines in the chain’s stores.

According to Veikkaus, it now has about 10,000 gaming machines at its disposal.

In large, that is Slot machines will remain in the K and S Group stores at least for now.

“We see Lotto and gaming machines as part of the broader service package that our customers expect,” explained, for example, K-Market’s Chief Operating Officer Teemu Naumanen To HS.

Veikkaus, for his part, said he was disappointed Lidlin announced the removal of gaming machines from its stores. Instead, Peliklinikka, which specializes in gambling problems, rejoiced and urged other stores to follow Lidl’s example.

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