Futsal | The Finnish futsal team took the historic opening victory and advanced to the European Semifinals

The Finnish futsal team managed to maintain its position in the last torturous seconds when Slovenia chased the Finnish lead with a flying goalkeeper.

Slovenia – Finland 1-2

Finland The futsal team rose to a joyous victory in the last match of the European Championship, which also secured Finland’s place in the tournament among the eight best teams. It was the Finnish men’s futsal team’s first European Championship victory in the first value tournament and at the same time the first victory from Slovenia.

Finland’s goals were answered Juhana Jyrkiäinen and goalkeeper Juha-Matti Savolainenwho scored a long opening directly into the empty net when Slovenian played without a goalkeeper.

Finland had to defend the last two long minutes after Slovenia’s narrowing goal, when the Slovenians chased Finland’s lead.

In addition to its victory, Finland needed a place to win over Kazakhstan or a draw against Italy. It came true when Kazakhstan defeated Italy.

About the match became less surprisingly really flat, as Slovenia is weaker than Italy, against which Finland had played a draw, or Kazakhstan, which clearly defeated Finland.

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The playing styles of Finland and Slovenia are very similar, so from the beginning the match saw a high press play from both teams and a lot of long passes to the top players. Slovenia sought to play straight to their players Denis Totoškovićille and Kristjan Čujecillewho are trying to take the ball with their back to the Finnish goal.

Finland was replaced by Juha-Matti Savolainen Antti Koivumäki, who played the first two European Championships against Italy and Kazakhstan. Savolainen was probably changed to the goal partly because his long throws have been of high quality. There was still room for improvement in the openings during the opening period.

Slovenia won 5-2 goals per goal in the undefeated opening period. At the end of the opening period, Slovenia got on its neck from Finland, but there were few dangerous places. Finnish bottom player at the end of the episode Jani Korpela took the yellow card, which meant a ban on the next match. Slovenian pivot Denis Totošković got a very yellow one for Korpela.

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Another In the first half of the period, the best finishers in Finland came To Miika Hosiio. In the second minute, he was able to score an empty goal, but the Slovenian field player had a shot on the road. A few minutes later, Hosio shot a little past his volley shot.

Klemen Dushchakin should have gotten another yellow from the aftermath, but the French referee let the Slovenian go off talking about this.

Finland’s improved game culminated in the opening goal with less than eight minutes left in the second period. Iiro Vanha shot the ball towards the goal, but the ball went wide.

Slovenia took overtime after the opening goal and then the field player as a “flying goalkeeper”.

Finland’s goalkeeper Savolainen took the solicitor to his shoulders five minutes before full time when he shot a long opening for Slovenia’s empty goal.

Two minutes before full time Alen Fetic brought the ball into the back of the net without any difficulty.

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