Futsal | Captain Panu Autio was left out, the futsal national team starts the European Championship qualifiers with away games against Belgium and Italy

Finland is aiming for its first European Championship venue.

Futsal the men’s national team qualified for the World Cup, but is aiming for a place in the 2022 European Championships in the qualifiers starting at the end of January. Six matches will be played in the qualifiers by April 13th.

“Our epic World Cup qualifier was an important school for all of us. And the most important thing in all schools is growth, ”says the Croatian head coach of the national team Mićo Martić in the press release and promised Finland a harder, faster and more accurate game than before.

Finland opens qualifiers with away matches against Belgium and Italy. Becomes the captain of Finland Mikko Kytölä, as a longtime captain Panu Autio is on the side. Autio continues his league games at GFT, but is considering a continuation of his national team career.

“It’s time for younger people to stand up alongside the experienced and rise to the international level,” Martić recalled.

Group winners and the top six block runners advance directly to the Games. The other two block runners-up will play from the last place in the two-part qualifier to the tournament.

The European Championship finals will be played as an expanded 16-country tournament. The European Championships will be hosted by the Netherlands from 19 January to 6 February 2022 in Amsterdam and Groningen.


28.1. Belgium-Finland (Liege)

2.2. Italy-Finland (Prato)

5.3. Finland-Italy (Vantaa)

8.3. Finland-Montenegro (Vantaa)

9.4. Montenegro-Finland (open)

13.4. Finland-Belgium (Vantaa)


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