French presidential election Macron accuses Le Pen of conspiracy with Putin in decisive televised controversy

President Macron, who is looking forward to the next season, has so far maintained his leadership in the polls.

In France President looking forward to a second round of presidential elections on Wednesday night Emmanuel Macron accused his rival, a far-right man Marine Le Pen conspiracy between the President of Russia and the country Vladimir Putin with.

“You are dependent on the Russian government and Putin,” Macron said, referring to his loan from Le Pen’s Russian-owned bank. Macron wondered why the loan had not been paid off.

“Are you serious?” Le Pen replied.

“I am a completely free and independent woman”.

Le Pen explained the loan by not receiving money from French banks. According to Le Pen, the loan could not be repaid due to economic sanctions imposed by the West.

Le Pen sided with Russia in part in economic sanctions, as he opposed plans to impose an import ban on Russian gas and oil. Energy sanctions have been seen as important because Russia is able to finance its offensive war in Ukraine with the sale of oil and gas. In the past, Le Pen has followed Russia, among other things, by approving the annexation of the Crimean peninsula to Russia.

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French fries head to the ballot box on Sunday. The television debate has traditionally been seen as the highlight of the final race of election campaigns, and the course of the debate may still influence the voting decisions of many.

In the polls, Macron has held on to its lead and even widened its neck relative to Le Pen. Released on Tuesday opinion poll 56.5 percent of voters said they plan to vote for Macron and 43.5 percent for Le Pen.

Government spokesperson Gabriel Attalin according to President Macron looked forward to the debate with peace of mind and great interest. TF1 channel according to Attal, he described the debate as an important moment to clarify the details of Macron’s projects.

Le Penin, for his part, has been told to prepare carefully for the debate. French media According to Le Pen, he retired early in the small district to train for a live Macron encounter.

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Macron and Le Pen faced a similar debate five years ago as they struggled for presidency in the second round of the then election. In 2017, Macron was still struggling with a fresh face outside of traditional parties, and at the time, he was considered to have fared much better in the television debate than Le Pen.

Radio France in the analysis, the settings of the evening were briefly described so that Le Pen has much to gain and Macron much to lose.

In five years, the charm of novelty around Macron has waned, so the president must defend the decisions he makes.

In the first in the round, Macron got 27.8 percent of the vote and Le Pen 23.2 percent. Third came the far left Jean-Luc Melenchonwhich received almost 22 percent of the vote.

One of the interesting questions in the second round is what Melenchon supporters are doing now. Ipsos Sopra-Sterian according to the survey, 39 per cent of them would vote for Macron and 16 per cent for Le Pen, but 45 per cent did not express their views.

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After the first round, Melenchon petitioned that no votes be cast for Le Pen in the second round. However, Melenchon has not directly called on his voters to support Macron.

Indeed, French election analyzes give much thought to how many voters will not vote in the second round. Sluggish voting can have a significant impact on the outcome.

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