Freedom of expression Solomon Islands banning Facebook – China’s growing influence is said to be faltering in the background

The controversy over the recognition of China and Taiwan has led to a rift in the Solomon Islands: the most populous island wants a referendum on independence.

In the Pacific Ocean Solomon Islands government plans to ban the use of Facebook, says the British newspaper The Guardian.

According to the government, the ban is intended to eradicate offensive language and attacks on individuals. In particular, the government mentions the prime minister Manasseh Sogavareen attacks.

The details of the ban and its implementation are unclear. Solomon Times according to the ban would be temporary and would not extend to other media.

The Solomon Islands is home to about 600,000 people. About a fifth of them use Facebook. The opposition sees the Facebook ban as a “blatant attack” on the island state’s constitutionally guaranteed freedom of expression, The Guardian says.

Lehden according to China would have influenced the Solomon Islands government’s decision to ban Facebook. Last year, the island nation established diplomatic relations with China, having previously recognized Taiwan as a so-called official China.

The growth of Chinese influence has caused a great deal of divisions in the Solomon Islands, as the most populous island in the archipelago, Malaita, would like to maintain diplomatic relations with Taiwan, which China considers a rebel province. The Prime Minister of the island province of Malaita Daniel Suidanin whereas the Solomon Islands central government has become too dependent on Beijing’s control, CNN channel said recently.

The dispute between China and Taiwan has led to the Malaitian regional government, which has a population of about 140,000, plaguing a referendum on independence. According to the Solomon Islands government, the referendum project is illegal. The government will hold its headquarters in the state capital, Honiara, located on the island of Guadalcanal.

The Diplomat magazine said in Octoberthat the United States has pledged $ 25 million in financial assistance to the island of Malaita. The amount, according to the magazine, is 50 times that of all the foreign aid that flowed to the island in 2018. Thus, the island nation is thought to have become a piece of the geopolitical game between China and the United States.

China has also increased its influence in the Pacific island countries in recent years. The United States, for its part, would like to stop China’s rise in the world.

Apparently only China, North Korea and Iran have banned Facebook. China is known to have traded tools that block the use of the Internet or facilitate citizen control for the governments of many developing countries.


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