Free Match UFC superstar Charles Oliveira revealed he was almost blind

The 32-year-old Oliveira has to compete without his glasses but is still the best in his weight class in the world.

Freestyle organization UFC Lightweight Champion Charles Oliveira, 32, has revealed how miserable his eyesight is, he says Yahoo Sports.

The Brazilian wrestler is known outside the ring for his glasses, which he wears almost constantly. They have become an integral part of his image.

Oliveira said in a Brazilian MMA Legends podcast that he really doesn’t see the ring properly, even though he is rocking other contestants with ease.

“I see my opponent as three, but it’s actually perfect. If I hit the middle one, I know the strainer is fine. ”

The nearsighted UFC star described himself as completely blind in everyday life without his glasses.

Before in his most recent championship match, Oliveira talked about his vision problems The Athleticille and threw a teasing thought into the air.

“If I’m so good without full vision, imagine if I could see properly,” he said at the time.

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Better vision was not needed in the end. Oliveira strangled his challenger Dustin Poirierin even before the middle of the match.

Oliveira’s glasses, which have won ten consecutive matches, are already starting to be such a big phenomenon that they are in demand among fans as well. After the Poirier victory, the glasses were even momentarily stolen from the Brazilian’s nose before security guards retrieved them.

The situation is shown in a video released by BT Sport at 47 seconds.

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