Free Match The invincible superstar of the freestyle opened up from the brutality of top sports: “Like you’re in jail”

Habib Nurmagomedov feels released from prison after his career.

Freestyle match superstar Habib Nurmagomedov, 32, ended his career invincible in October 2020. Many expected him to return to the ring very soon after his decision to quit, but the Russian kept his word.

Nurmagomedov recently spoke of his fall shock decision on the freestyle series on the UFC’s Russian Youtube channel. Wrote about it MMA Fighting site.

The loss-making professional career, which began in 2008 in Ukraine and ended in the bright lights of Abu Dhabi 12 years later, had demanded a tax from the master.

“Living as an athlete is like being in prison. Every day you do exactly the same things: you train, you rest, you train again and you rest again. You live in the same rhythm and can’t afford to slow down, ”Nurmagomedov said.

“If you slow down, you’re no longer a champion. I have now freed myself from that prison. ”

UFC star today to help other contestants achieve their dreams. He moves around the gyms often and has not been able to completely forget his former life.

“I miss almost everything, so to speak. I often feel like I need competition in my life. I miss that environment, training camps, weight loss as well. ”

“It’s a kind of addiction. There is no getting rid of it. Sometimes you just want to go in the ring and make it stink. Take five batches and make it really rough. ”



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