Free Match Freestyle star Conor McGregor returns to the ring with revenge in mind, but Khabib Nurmagomedov’s mother no longer wants to see her son in the ring

UFC leader Dana White believes the invincible Russian will still return to the ring.

Freestyle match Among the biggest stars in the UCF series Conor McGregorin and Khabib Nurmagomedovin a rematch seems impossible right now. McGregor has told Nurmagomedov that “the war is not over”. However, the Irish war cry is unlikely to get the Russian back in the ring.

The torsion between McGregor and Murmagomedov tightened to an extreme in October 2018, when Nurmagomedov defended his lightweight series championship and forced McGregor to surrender in the fourth set. After that, a mass battle began inside and outside the ring, involving individuals from both fighters ’camps.

McGregor has made it very clear that he would like the opportunity for revenge. But to the Irish’s disappointment, Nurmagomedov announced the end of his career last October. Nurmagomedov stretched his loss-free freestyle series to 29 matches and left the UFC ring undefeated.

Despite Nurmagomedov’s repeated saying that he will retire, the UFC leader Dana White said on Friday he believed Nurmagomedov still wanted to fight.

White was interviewed on CBS Sports after Nurmagomedov had denied returning to the ring earlier in the week.

“He’s coming to Vegas and we’re going to dinner,” White said according to MMAJunks.

“I feel like he decided to quit under tremendous pressure. His father had just died, he had not been able to spend time with his family while he was at camp. He was injured and had difficulty dropping his weight due to the injury. He went to the match, won it and then made an emotional decision. ”

Nurmagomedov, 32, told Sports24 he has no plans to return to the matches.

“I have reached almost everything in this sport, and it is not the kind of opponent, against whom I would like to fight. Many people do not want to understand my position. I train for myself. The matches are not part of my plans. ”

Last October, Nurmagomedov successfully defended his championship in the UFC Justin Gathjea against. Four months before the match, Nurmagomedov’s father and longtime coach Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov had died of coronavirus disease.

“My mother is now the most valuable thing I have left. I must not be pushed to do things that would disappoint my mother. I have no idea about the matches, ”Nurmagomedov told Sports24.

White does not believe in assurances.

“I think he still wants to fight.”

McGregor returns to the ring on the weekend after a year break. And his wish is still to fight the Russian.

“This is a tough hustle and bustle. He has had difficulties in his life and I wish him no harm. A lot of time has passed since what happened in 2018, ”McGregor said.

“The world knows that our war is not over. Sports need our matches. However, I won’t chase it if he doesn’t want it. I show the world over time what it’s all about and that’s it. I’ll start Dustin from Poirier. ”


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