Free Match Conor McGregor, who has broken his leg, suffers from chronic arthritis

UFC wrestler Anthony Smith thinks McGregor’s explanations for the injured match are futile, as he says all freestyle wrestlers will play in half condition.

Freestyle match superstar Conor McGregor, 33, suffers from chronic arthritis, the MMA Junkie website says.

McGregor was badly injured in his most recent UFC match on July 11, when his tibia broke immediately in the first set of the match.

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The Irishman was taken on a stretcher to the hospital, and an opponent Dustin Poirier got an easy profit on his account. McGregor threatened to injure himself after the match. According to him, there were already several stress fractures in the leg.

UFC leader Dana White said the contestant had suffered from chronic arthritis in his ankles for years.

“He asked permission to tape his ankle for the match and did get permission from the Nevada Sports Commission. Then, however, he did not tape them. I don’t know why, ”White wondered in an interview with Fox News.

The Nevada Sports Commission said it was unaware of the injury prior to the match. They said McGregor would not have had a case in the ring without a medical examination.

American UFC fighter Anthony Smith considers McGregor’s explanations empty. He says he admitted to himself being badly injured, the MMA Fighting website writes.

“It’s easy for a basic viewer to say that‘ he was just hurt now, [ja hävisi siksi]’. We are all broken. Just about everyone and every time we match. No one can ever say they go to the ring in one hundred percent condition. His explanations are not valid, ”Smith muttered.

“I’m not saying Conor’s legs weren’t scattered or bothered him, but he wasn’t in any worse condition than Dustin.”

According to Dana White, McGregor’s recovery will take up to a year. The Irishman has lost three of his last four matches and dropped far from the top in the UFC lightweight challenger rankings.



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