France vaccinates more than a million people against Corona

French Prime Minister Jean Castex announced today, Saturday, the vaccination of one million French people against “Covid-19”, about a month after the start of the vaccination campaign in the country.
He wrote on Twitter: β€œTo all our professors, to all our deputies, to all the staff and employees of the governorates, regional health agencies and health institutions, to those who unite their forces in this exceptional vaccination campaign: Thank you.”
The government was seeking to vaccinate 1 million French people by the end of January.
The slow start of the campaign, which began on December 27, sparked widespread criticism, and prompted the government to expand the groups eligible for vaccination faster than expected.
In a statement to France Inter radio Saturday morning, Industry Minister Agnes-Pannier-Ronacher indicated that the period between the two doses of anti-“Covid-19” vaccines could be reduced to two weeks instead of three or four, in order to protect the most vulnerable people and confront the “outbreak of the epidemic”.

Source: Agencies


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