France recommends extending the period between the two doses of the Corona vaccine

The Supreme Health Authority in France recommends doubling the time period between the two doses of the “Covid 19” vaccine as a way to rapidly increase supplies and vaccinate the largest number of people possible amid the renewed spread of the Coronavirus.
The Supreme Health Authority said, in a statement today, Saturday, that giving the second dose six weeks after the first will allow 700,000 more people to be prevented during the first month. The authority said that the recommendation is for the vaccine manufactured by Pfizer and Biontech, as well as the Moderna vaccine, according to what was reported by Bloomberg News.
“The authority” indicated that: “The risk of losing effectiveness appears limited,” saying that the system that companies recommend is that the period between the two doses be three to four weeks, but protection from the virus really begins between 12 and 14 days after the first dose.
The goal is to protect the largest number of people most vulnerable to disease and to prevent the health system from becoming overburdened, according to the Supreme Authority.

Source: Agencies


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