France Marine Le Pen’s presidential dreams are waning as support flows to an even more right-wing TV face

The phenomenon of Éric Zemmour is much the same as that of trumpeting.

French next spring’s presidential election was to come Marine Le Penille possibility of revenge. In the last election in the spring of 2017, right-wing populist Le Pen lost in the second round to the central liberal Emmanuel Macronille.

As early as the early fall, the duo’s rematch in the second round of elections seemed likely, with Le Pen’s support in the presidential election polls in the over 20 percent range. Not anymore.

Soup mixed politics from outside come Éric Zemmour, A well – known journalist and television face in France. Zemmour sits on the political map to the right of Le Penink. Zemmour has not yet officially run as a candidate, but his name is swaying at the top of the polls.

Éric Zemmour’s support is largely explained by demand, says the professor of political science Jean-Yves Dormagen From the University of Montpellier. Where Le Pen’s party has sought to attract new supporters by sticking to the top positions, Zemmour is doing the opposite. He exacerbates and criticizes and does not hide his anti-immigration.

Among other things, Zemmour has called for a ban on foreign first names in France. He has blamed Muslim immigration for the downturn in France.

“It’s contradictory that Zemmour is able to appeal its thoughts to exactly the group Marine Le Pen has been trying to attract to its troops,” Dormagen says.

National Alliance voters have traditionally come from the working class. Zemmour, on the other hand, appeals to middle-class conservatives, often the older population and entrepreneurs, among others. Various support associations have already formed around him, such as “Friends of Éric Zemmour” and “Génération Z” organized by young people.

Professor Dormagen compares the Zemmour phenomenon to U.S. trumpeting. Anti-immigration and longing for the past are commonalities for both.

“The phenomenon of Zemmour makes frost for the moderate right and Marine Le Pen. He takes half of his supporters from Le Pen and half from the moderate right. ”

In surveys Zemmour’s support has recently moved by 15 per cent on both sides.

According to a recent poll on Sud radio by the Ifop research institute, incumbent President Macron would get 25 per cent of the vote in the first round, Le Pen 16 per cent, center-right Xavier Bertrand 16 per cent and Zemmour 14 per cent.

In a Harris Interactive survey released last week, Zemmour rose 17 percent past Le Pen and Bertrand.

Le Pen has not admitted that he is concerned about the situation.

“I think I’m in the second round and I even think I’ll win this election,” he said in an interview with BFMTV over the weekend.

Éric Zemmour, 63, was born in a suburb of Paris to a Berber Jewish family from Algeria. He excelled in school and completed his political science studies at the country’s most prestigious class, the Sciences Possa in Paris.

Zemmour worked for years for the conservative magazine Le Figaro, and has written several bestselling works in which he opens his mind. The general public has come to know him from TV shows. In recent years, until September, Zemmour ran a CNews channel compared to the American Fox News Face à l’Info program.

“Zemmour has built a reputation for being a well-educated and readable person. He talks a lot about French history, the Middle Ages, China, international relations and so on. He has a very different reputation than Marine Le Pen, who is considered more incompetent, ”says Dormagen.

Éric Zemmour spoke at a marketing event for his book in Paris last week.

French fries the media expects Zemmour to announce his candidacy within 4-5 weeks. However, it needs the support of at least 500 political representatives.

Dormagen sees the most likely option for Zemmour to form his own party, as former Socialist Party representative Macron did and became president through the center. France is now living in a time of change – a traditional political supply when it has no longer met demand.

“The phenomena of Macron and Zemmour have contributed to the fact that traditional parties remain in a small minority.”

It remains to be seen whether Zemmour will next succeed in attracting Marine Le Pen’s loyal, working-class supporters behind him. If that happens, Le Pen’s presidential dreams are most likely gone.


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