France is monitoring a new strain of “Corona” that may complicate the situation

A patient with coronavirus was transported to France by helicopter

France announced today, Tuesday, that scientists are investigating a new strain of the emerging corona virus that appeared in the Brittany region, which may be more difficult to discover through examination than the rest of the strains.
Eight cases of the new strain were detected in a focus in a district hospital. And the Ministry of Health said, in a statement, that initial analyzes did not indicate that this strain is more dangerous or faster than others.
“Investigations will be conducted to determine the effect of vaccination and antibodies formed as a result of previous cases of Covid-19 on this strain,” the Health Department in the Brittany region in the west of the country said in a statement.
Scientists are also seeking to find out whether this strain could not appear in the test after the result of the B-chain reaction test. C. R ┬╗is negative in several patients, then the result of blood samples taken from the depth of the respiratory tract was positive.

Source: Agencies

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