France | Four found dead in a collapsed residential building in Marseille

The accident that happened early Sunday is believed to be the result of an explosion.

in France rescue workers have found a total of four dead people in the ruins of a residential building that collapsed in Marseille the other night. At least four people are still missing, local authorities say.

Before the first casualties were found, it was reported that at least eight people were missing after the collapse of a four-story building.

“There is still hope, and we will not stop as long as there is hope,” said the mayor of Marseille, who visited the crash site Benoît Payan.

The mayor of Marseille, Benoît Payan, visited the crash site.

The rescue work has been slowed down by the fire, which has been extinguished by more than a hundred rescuers. The fire has hindered the work of search dogs, for example.

In addition to the victims of the collapsed house, five people from neighboring buildings were slightly injured in the accident.

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Early the accident on Sunday is believed to be the result of an explosion. According to the local authorities, the cause of the accident has so far been impossible to determine, but a gas explosion is one suspected possibility.

Many people nearby said they heard the sound of the explosion, and some said they smelled gas even in the morning.

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