France Eleven people were condemned in Islam for harassing teenagers barking on social media in France

A young man known in Milan who criticized Islam on Instagram has received 100,000 messages of hatred, according to his lawyer.

In France Eleven people have been convicted of sending offensive messages to teenagers who posted videos criticizing Islam on social media.

The news agency AFP and the British media reported on the matter BBC.

“We have won, and we will win again,” the 18-year-old, known as Mila, said after the verdicts were announced.

Mila was 16 when his first video criticizing Islam spread widely online. Since then, he has received more than 100,000 hate messages, according to his lawyer.

Because of the threats, Mila has lived under round-the-clock surveillance by the police. He has also had to quit school due to harassment.

Milan’s anti-Islamic speech began when a Muslim blogger called her a “dirty lesbian” after she talked about her sexuality on the photo service Instagram.

Case has once again sparked a debate on freedom of expression and blasphemy in France, as well as on the protection of young people from cyberbullying.

A total of ten men and three women between the ages of 18 and 30 were sued for cyberbullying in early June. Some were also accused of sending death threats.

However, one case was rejected due to lack of evidence, another due to a procedural error.

Judgments were conditional and ranged from four to six months. Conditional convicts will not go to jail unless they are convicted of other offenses.

Some were ordered to pay damages of EUR 1,500 and legal costs of EUR 1,000.



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