France A French woman shot her husband, who raped and beat her from childhood – A woman faces a life sentence of murder

In 18 years, the woman gave birth to four children to her abuser. This also forced the woman to marry her.

In France a much-talked-about trial began on Monday in which a 40-year-old French woman is accused of murdering her husband.

The matter is reported by, among others, the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC, American CNNnews channel and news agency AFP.

Valerie Bacot has admitted to shooting her husband Daniel Poletten as self-defense in 2016. However, the case is not unequivocal because Bacot was raped, mated and beaten by her husband for more than 25 years.

In May, Bacot published his successful book Tout Le Monde Savait (Everyone knew) where he talks about events.

Polette, who was 25 years older than Bacot, was originally Bacot ‘s mother’ s male friend. Bacot was 12 when Polette raped this for the first time.

Polette was sentenced to two and a half years in prison for raping a minor in 1996.

In his book, Bacot says that after Polette was released from prison, the abuses and beatings continued. Bacot became pregnant for the first time at the age of 17. Bacot’s mother, who suffers from alcoholism, threw her daughter out of her home, and Bacot ended up living with Polette.

In a total of 18 years, Bacot gave birth to four children for Polette. Polette also forced Bacot to marry her.

Two of their children helped hide Polette’s body by burying. In 2019, they received six months probation for aiding and abetting a body.

During the investigation, the children also reported abuse from their mother. According to Bacot, Polette threatened to kill her mother and children if Bacot tried to leave her.

Polette had also shown interest in the 14-year-old daughter, which is why Bacot feared Polette would move on to her next.

The prosecutor according to the act was planned and Bacot should be convicted of murder, which would be punishable by life. Bacot’s lawyers dispute the plannedness.

Polette had forced Bacot to work as a prostitute, and the shooting took place in a situation like this.

The case has sparked a debate in France about violence against women.

“As victims of violence, women have no protection. The judiciary is still too slow, unresponsive and too gentle towards perpetrators who continue to exercise their violent power. This is exactly what can drive a desperate woman to kill in order to survive, ”said one of Bacot’s lawyers. Janine Bonaggiunta news agency for AFP.

The anti-Bacot anti-arrest web address has garnered nearly 600,000 signatures during the first half of the year.



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