Frame tripod HS Poll: Downtown District Leaders Satisfied with Frameworks Results – Investigator Says Party Profile Raising May Be More Pleasant Than Voters

“It was worth the effort, even though it took many days,” says Harriet Lonka, chairman of the Helsinki district.

Downtown district leaders are largely satisfied with the center’s achievements in the framework dispute, according to an HS survey.

Center almost overthrew the government in the nine-day-long negotiations on the state’s spending in the coming years.

District leaders estimate the downside is a slight reduction in indebtedness. Also peat support get praise. At the same time, many district leaders would have liked tighter financial discipline and more decisions about employment.

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HS asked from all the district district chairpersons whether they are satisfied with what the center achieved in a frame dispute. Also the satisfaction of the party chairman Annika Saarikon activities were asked. Everyone came to answer “yes” to both questions.

Harriet Lonka­

“It was worth the effort, even though it took many days,” sums up the chairman of the Helsinki district Harriet Lonka.

The archipelago was praised by the district leaders as a determined but listening leader. In their view, the framework negotiations also showed perseverance and courage.

“It became clear to everyone that the center was and still is seriously on the move. It is also good that the understanding and co-operation between the center and the SDP strengthened, ”says the chairman of the Päijät-Häme district Eevakaisa Lehtosalo-Lönnberg.

Chairman of the Southern Häme District Johanna Häggman to raise the possibility of similar crises in the future:

“Green Left parties still have a long way to go to really understand what is important to the center so that the government stays together until the end of the term.”

According to HS data, Saarikko was still trying to get through his demand for a cut in earnings-related unemployment insurance on the last night of the framework dispute. Prime minister Sanna Marin (sd) rejected it.

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Multi the centrist describes his party’s efforts to curb indebtedness in order to succeed. For example, the Pirkanmaa district Tuukka Liuha says he believes that without the center, indebtedness would have continued to be stronger.

Even now, however, it continues.

The ratio of total government debt to GDP has been rising in the last two years of government. Government will also exceed expenditure frameworks it has previously set for itself.

It was agreed in Riihi that in 2022 they will be exceeded by about 900 million euros and in 2023 by about 500 million euros. Expenditures planned for 2023 will be cut to the value of approximately EUR 370 million. The savings are permanent in nature, so they will reduce the expenditure included in the framework also from 2024 onwards.

District leaders admit that the result of riih is not the best, but this is now content with.

“I don’t know if anyone can be completely happy, but the big picture is what it means. Now we are even one step closer to making the economy of the future look better, and we will not leave the crown mess completely to be paid to future generations, ”says the chairman of the Uusimaa district. Sonja Hällfors.

“It was the best result that could be achieved. The option of the government collapsing would have been worse. But there was still room for improvement, ”says the chairman of the Itä-Savo district Hannu Auvinen but does not want to give examples of things that need improvement.

Tuukka Liuha of the Pirkanmaa district expresses the issue even more directly.

“This is probably the minimum we started looking for, and on the other hand, this was perhaps the best that was available.”

Liuha emphasizes that the overruns for the next two years involved important goals for the city center, such as the compensation of betting profits.

Employment measures Liuha is dissatisfied: “So there was practically nothing there about labor market reforms.”

In riih, the government decided on measures that it said would bring in 40,000 to 44,500 additional jobs by the end of the decade. Of this amount, however only a quarter is acknowledged by the Ministry of Finance.

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Many other downtown leaders would also have liked more ambition for employment measures.

“After all, it is clear that by soft means alone, such as improving the employment of the partially disabled, employment will not improve enough. We need big reforms, ”says Hällfors of the Uusimaa district.

Downtown the accusing finger points in the direction of the government partners.

Mikko Savola­

“It was disappointing that structural labor market reforms, such as the promotion of local bargaining and the staggering of earnings-related unemployment security, were not completed. It would have been hoped that these necessary reforms would also have been taken in the direction of Hakaniemi. This is irresponsible for left-wing parties, ”says the chairman of the Southern Ostrobothnia district, Member of Parliament. Mikko Savola.

“Stronger action would have been needed to address indebtedness and employment. I would have liked the government partners to take stronger responsibility, ”says the chairman of the North Karelia district Jertta Harinen.

Instead the tax-related solutions made in the rage garner praise from district leaders. Many argue, as a counter-fight, that corporate taxation was not tightened.

Arto Sepponen­

“Having worked in the corporate field myself, I am pleased that taxes on companies have not been tightened,” says the chairman of the Etelä-Savo district. Arto Sepponen.

The government outlined that the budget debate next autumn will decide on a tax solution to strengthen public finances of EUR 100-150 million, ie tax increases.

The Board decided to extend the double depreciation right for investments in machinery and equipment for 2024–2025.

Peat peat sector in distress due to rising prices a € 70 million support package was turned in a framework dispute. In addition, at the request of the city center, thermal power plants will have an extension of time to burn peat.

“As far as peat producers are concerned, it is clear that the energy use of peat will end, and that is just fine, but within a ten-year transition period. Now it has started to decrease uncontrollably, so it is good that the transition is supported, ”says the chairman of the Central Ostrobothnia district Timo Pärkkä.

Professor Ilkka Ruostetsaari­

Professor: Downtown District Leaders Raising Party Profile May Be More Pleasant Than Voters

Sphere support their own party as the election approaches, recalls the professor of political science Ilkka Ruostetsaari From the University of Tampere.

“Another thing is whether raising the profile affected voters who alienate the quarrel in politics,” he ponders.

“The satisfaction of the district district leaders with the achievements of the framework debate can be explained by the fact that they were pleased to raise the party’s profile during the municipal elections.”

Rustetsaari says the center had a conscious goal to raise its profile and strengthen its position in the framework negotiations so that its stamp as a subsidiary of the left and the Greens would dissipate.

From the actual ones the center received only part of its objectives in the framework dispute, such as support for peat production.

“The peat issue is also symbolic for the city’s supporters, as domestic energy production has always been important to it,” says Ruostetsaari.

“The city center also tried to drive financial discipline thinking and a faster return to spending frameworks, but it did not succeed. The phasing out of unemployment security and the promotion of local agreement also did not progress, ”Ruostetsaari points out.

“It is interesting in itself that the center has now taken on the role of the Coalition in the government, as if the Prime Minister Juha Sipilän (Central) right-wing politics received a verdict in the last parliamentary elections. It seems that Finland is moving towards a bloc policy when the SDP moves more to the left and the center, the Coalition Party and the Basic Finns to the right, ”Ruostetsaari estimates.

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