Four-year-old boy playing with a firearm was caught on video


boy with gun

The minor is only 4 years old.


Beech Groove Police Department

The youngest is only 4 years old.

It happened in a city in the United States. His father was arrested by the police.

There is commotion in the state of Indiana, USAafter a video of a minor in diapers pointing a gun indiscriminately.

The act was described as irresponsible on the part of his parents, since it was later revealed that he is only four years old and that the gun, in fact, belonged to his father.

Shane Osbourne, 45, wanted to argue that he did not know about the presence of this element in the home: “I have never brought a weapon to this house, if there is one, it belongs to my cousin”he told the police.

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Nevertheless, the neighbors insisted they had seen the boy walking the halls of the building with the gun and provided surveillance video.

This led to officers searching the place and ended up in the capture from Osbourne. The funny thing is that it happened during a live television program called ‘On Patrol: Live’, which is broadcast on the ‘Reelz’ channel.

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According to the ‘BBC’, the man must appear before the court this Tuesday and the local mayor’s office is also aware of what happened: “Like all of you, I am mortified by what happened and I am very grateful that no one has was injured, especially the little boy,” said Beech Grove Mayor Dennis Buckley.

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