Formula 1 | Vettel’s performance in Hungary was rejected because there was too little fuel at the end of the race, Lewis Hamilton took second place

There was too little fuel in Vettel’s car at the end of the race.

Formula One four-time world champion Sebastian Vettelin performance in the Hungarian gp has been discarded, says the International Automobile Federation FIA. Instead of pulling, Mercedes, which had originally driven third, came in second Lewis Hamilton. Third came Ferrari Carlos Sainz.

The Frenchman of the Alpine team won the competition Esteban Ocon.

Vettel was discarded because his car had too little fuel after the race. According to the rules of the sport, a liter of fuel can be taken from the car at any stage of the race, but after Sunday’s race, only 0.3 liters of fuel was successfully purchased from Vettel’s driving.



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