Formula 1 | Verstappen by far the fastest in Imola’s practice, Bottas, who drove hard on Friday, fell to eighth

Valtteri + Bottas Valtteri Bottas faded from the top pace in Formula One’s third practice in Imola, Italy. In Friday’s practice, Bottas, who drove the fastest lap times, was the eighth fastest on Saturday. The fastest of the rehearsals was Red Bull Max Verstappen.

The surprise of the exercises was McLaren Lando Norris, who took second place in the wedge of the familiar top stables Mercedes and Red Bull.

Verstappen drove Imola’s track lap at its fastest time of 1.14,958. Norris lagged behind his pace by 0.456 seconds and drove Mercedes third Lewis Hamilton 0.557 seconds.

Bottas lost to Verstappen in his fastest lap of 0.950 seconds.

Kimi Raikkonen was the 19th fastest in the exercises (-1.845). At the end of the training, the Alfa Romeo Finnish driver drifted out of the track onto the sand, but did not collide with the track. At the end, Räikkönen’s teammate also visited the sand Antonio Giovinazzi, who wondered to his team why the tires were so cold.

It didn’t go equally well for the Canadian Canadian driver Nicholas Latifille. He damaged the bow of his car after driving to the curbs before mid-practice. Latif’s run-out caused a short interruption to the exercises.

Saturday’s race schedule was brought forward due to Prince Philip’s Funeral at the British Court today. The time trial starts at 3 p.m.

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