Formula 1 | Valtteri Bottas, who survived the wild Kolari with impunity, knocked out George Russell’s theory: “I lost my foil cap to something”

The jury did not impose penalties for the high-speed Crash between Valtteri Bottas and George Russell.

Imolan post-competition public exchange Valtteri Bottas and George Russellin at times accelerated further on Sunday night.

Mercedes driver Bottas and Williams driving Russell crashed at a rapid pace to start lap 33. Bottas kept the line dry in the situation, and overtaking Russell drifted off the track, losing control of his vehicle and hitting the Finn.

Both blamed Kolari on each other. Russell wondered To Autosport magazine, why Bottas defended ninth place that way.

“Maybe he wouldn’t have done it if it had had someone else in it,” Russell commented, referring to his strong position in the Mercedes stable’s future plans.

Bottas acknowledged the comments of the young British driver as conspiracy nonsense.

“Sorry, I lost my foil hat to something. That’s quite a theory, ”Bottas commented For motorsport.

“I’m always going to defend against anyone, I’m not willing to lose a single seat. It was a normal defense. I could have been much more aggressive if necessary. ”

The situation was not penalized, but was considered by the jury to be a characteristic coincidence. The jury did not agree with Russell that Bottas had moved from his driving line when he came to the bend.

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