Formula 1 | Valtteri Bottas wants to discuss his continuation “quite early” this season

According to Valtteri Bottas, the contracts made for one year at a time became a burden for him.

Formula entered the Alfa Romeo team of the number one World Series last season Valtteri Bottas little by little already wants information about his future in the team.

Bottas says For Autosport that he hopes that discussions about the continuation could be held “quite early” in the season that starts.

Bottas drove for Mercedes for five seasons, and during that time the extension contracts were always only one year ahead. After coming to Alfa Romeo, he made a “multi-year” deal, but the future 33-year-old veteran of the 200 gp race still needs clarity.

“I’ve been in that situation (one-year contracts) so many times, and it became a burden. So of course, hopefully quite early on (this year) we’ll be talking about what’s going to happen. It’s important for me to get stability after ten years passed with less stability,” Bottas says to Autosport.

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Alpha Romeo is facing changes, as the German car manufacturer Audi will join the operations of Sauber, which runs Alfa Romeo, from the 2026 season. Bottas has previously said that he would like to be involved in the dawning of the Audi era.

“It’s a great opportunity for the team. It brings stability and something new. But at the moment everyone is focusing on their work (for this season),” Bottas commented on the Audi pattern to Autosport.

Bottas is also focusing on the season, which starts with the Bahrain tests at the end of February and the season-opening GP at the same track on the first weekend of March. Bottas, who collected 49 out of 55 points for his team last season, is looking forward to the season.

“It was rewarding and inspiring to see the joy of the people (of the team) when the points come at a steady pace. The team wasn’t used to that, and it’s been nice to be a part of that. I’m really looking forward to the new car and what it will be like. It will be interesting.”

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