Formula 1 | Valtteri Bottas took a firm stance on the constant complaints of the F1 teams: “Everyone is trying to wrestle with each other”

Mercedes marveled at McLaren’s appeal, which brought Valtteri Bottas a three-starting penalty.

Valtteri Bottas The dangerous situation caused by the depot brought the Finnish driver three starting squares penalty for Sunday’s Austrian F1 race.

Bottas spun his car as he left the depot in Friday’s free practice. The spin was caused by a new starting technology tested by Mercedes.

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The car ended up transversely in front of McLaren’s stall, and the head of the racing stable Zak Brown was therefore quick to demand punishment for Bottas’ reckless driving.

“That’s absolutely ridiculous. He could have collided with one of our mechanics, ”Brown, the race director, spoke on the radio Michael Masille.

The appeal was effective, and McLaren Lando Norris rose past Bottas to the third box.

Finnish driver surprised by the punishment, but understood Brown’s lightning-fast response.

“When other teams realize the opportunity, they complain about dangerous driving so we get a penalty. That’s how it goes. Everyone is always trying to fight each other in this sport, ”Bottas said PlanetF1 site by.

Mercedes team manager Toto Wolff sculpted humor about the situation, though admitting the spin was dangerous.

“It’s really entertaining how quickly some team managers get in touch with Masi and paint apocalyptic scenarios. It’s good that these radio connections are now open to everyone so we can laugh together, ”Wolff said Autosportin by.

The Mercedes boss has garnered attention by criticizing Bota earlier this season, but now he has settled behind his protector.

“The punishment was harsh, especially when it was imposed on a driver like Valtter who never breaks the rules,” Wolff wondered.

Austria the race on the Styrian track starts on Sunday at 4 pm. Bottas will leave the fifth square. The pole position was taken over by Red Bull Max Verstappen.



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