Formula 1 | Valtteri Bottas talked about a “wonderful” Finnish go-kart driver that many have not even heard of

Achieving Formula One requires a lot of luck in addition to skill.

Road in the royal class of motor racing, the formula for ones is long and difficult: there are only 20 seats in the starting grid.

Formula one on the site modern drivers were asked which of their go-kart rivals would have been good enough to be F1 drivers but never got there.

Top drivers at the moment Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen twisted hard with each other already in karting. Leclerc recalls that there were other speed-goers on the tracks.

“Most of them are now in F1, but then there were three who didn’t make it to the formulas for various reasons: Dennis Olsen, Ben Barnicoat and Nicklas Nielsen. They still know how to drive (in other classes) and do well. But it shows that even if you have everything you need (skills) for F1, sometimes luck also plays a part. You have to be in the right place at the right time, ”Leclerc reflected.

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Verstappen did not want to name names.

“Karting is not formula one. So if you are very good at karting, there is no guarantee that you will be good in F1, ”Verstappen reminded.

Valtteri Bottas he also knows that the journey to the top is not always “fair”.

“When I was driving karting in Finland, there were so many promising drivers involved. But there was no financial support. And yes, it’s a shame, and the species isn’t really fair. You really have to be in the right place at the right time, ”Bottas said.

“But the best go-kart driver I ever saw and met on the track was a dude named Jussi Kohtala. He has his own go-kart team today. He was wonderful – but he never even got a chance to go to the junior formulas. ”

F1 series will continue in a week in Spain. Bottas has started the season perfectly and has accumulated 30 World Championship points, which qualifies him for the World Series instead of eighth.

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