Formula 1 | Valtteri Bottas rejoiced at the Lions’ Olympic gold in Monaco: “Then the Pelicans man scored the final goal”

Bottas is currently in Barcelona in the winter tests that anticipate the F1 season.

Kivenkova F1 professional Valtteri Bottas is also a sworn hockey man from rush to heel. On Sunday morning, he also burst into joy on the couch at home in Monaco, when the Finnish lion crew won Olympic gold for the first time.

In Monaco, the Beijing final game would have started at five in the morning.

“I just woke up to something wrong. It was pretty early for me too, but it was worth scrambling up. It was a sweet show, and then another Pelicans man scored the final goal. It was a tough thing, ”Bottas smiled in an interview with HS at the Barcelona railway depot in preparation for the opening day of the winter tests on Wednesday.

Bottas is one of the co-owners of the Pelicans league team. Does he then feel like he has finished the winning goal Hannes Björnisenwho no longer plays in Lahti?

“I can’t say I feel very well, even though I’ve seen it after I went to the hall. Good guy.”

Bottas will also be able to watch Pelicans games in Monaco.

“Yes, I can see them online if there is time and place for passports.”

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Even The F1 series of the 23 races will start on March 20 in Bahrain, so the rush of work is so massive that it will hardly be possible to follow the Finnish league any more.

Bottas moved from Mercedes to Alfa Romeo after the five-manufacturer championship. Bottas is starting his tenth season as an F1 driver and this year he is already reaching the limit of 200 GP races.

How do you start?

“It’s always a different feeling when there’s a different environment and a lot of new people to work with. There will be cars with new rules for everyone. It’s nice to get things done. All the simulator stuff and shakedown runs have gone well. We have a good gang at work and it has been nice so far. ”

The word of an experienced Bottas weighs a lot at the Hinwil factory when a Chinese teammate Guanyu Zhou is a newcomer.

“It’s what I’ve noticed that always happens when I say something. It feels really positive, ”Bottas praises.

“I’m definitely fully prepared for this role when the tenth year begins in these circles. I can take more responsibility and show the team the direction to go. 200 races are coming to an end, so it’s pretty crazy how time has gone so suddenly. ”

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What is the biggest change in driving caused by the new rules then?

“After this week, it makes you feel more, but the difference isn’t quite as big now as it does at night,” Bottas says.

“Based on Fiorano’s warm-up, the car feels relatively similar to previous years, but how much of their development work is limited creates a positive competitive situation for this series, as everyone should be closer to each other. If the race is tougher, that’s fine, but I don’t think it would be a terrible change, even if the cars look different. ”

According to Bottas, tires behave differently, but the biggest change comes from aerodynamics.

“Downforce is really good on fast corners, but because of this new aerodynamics, there is less grip on slow corners. In Finnish, it means that slow bends slow down a bit, but fast bends have little effect. When I have a new team in addition to a new car, it’s enough to get used to it. ”

Where would you be happy at the end of the season?

“It’s still so hard to bet on the outcome at this point, but in my first year with this team, I’d be happy to see clear progress from the last couple of seasons,” Bottas says.

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“The first goal would be to take points at a steady pace when the goal is to see progress all the time. The main thing this year is to end the season stronger than how it starts compared to others. That is a realistic goal and if we succeed, we will be happy. ”

Bottaksella is the contract guaranteed periods 2023 and 2024 under construction with Alfa Romeo.

“What I say and do will help us move forward as a team all the time for years to come. That’s why I like to put myself in the league when I know that if I do my job well, it will also help us in the long run. ”

Team Manager Frederic Vasseurin with Bottas’ chemistry already works great after a common GP3 season.

“It makes a lot of sense to work with him. It has a good and competent team manager. There is a lot of communication and close contact. ”

Yleni is Bottas’ racing engineer Alex Chanwhich worked last year Kimi Räikkönen as a car data engineer.

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