Formula 1 | Valtteri Bottas and George Russell accuse each other of violent Kolari: “There is a gentlemen’s agreement”

The duo’s race in Imola ended in the 33rd round.

Mercedes Valtteri Bottas and Williams George Russell accused each other of fierce Kolari, who ended the race for both drivers in Imola on lap 33.

Russell was passing the ninth Bota, but collided directly with the Finn. The situation seemed entirely to Russell’s mistake. He drifted a little off the track and therefore spun towards Bota, even though there was enough room to overtake.

“Big disappointment, the race was interrupted due to another driver’s mistake. George tried to overtake in a place where there are no pockets in this weather, ”Bottas stated in an interview with C. More.

“Let’s try to find positive things and forget about this race otherwise.”

The situation after that Russell went to adjust the long-sitting Bota in the car and wondered how the Finn was still driving on the stable radio.

Russell was on the same lines even after the race.

“There’s a gentlemen’s agreement to let a faster car pass by,” Russell said.

He saw Bottas move towards his own bypass line, which would have caused him to drift a little off the track and eventually crash.

“Valtteri moved in a hint, which is dangerous. That was an unfortunate event that happens when drivers make small movements. ”

After the crash, a considerable amount of scrap cars came on the track, and the race was suspended for almost half an hour to clean up the track.

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