Formula 1 | The video published about Kimi Räikkönen is confusing: did the Finn fall asleep in his F1 car?

Räikkönen sat unabashedly in his car after Saturday’s rehearsals.

Formula the one-time Saturday time trial did not go to the Alfa Romeo stable From Kimi Räikkönen very well. He was 16th. According to Räikkönen, there was really nothing wrong with the car, but the speed just wasn’t enough.

Räikkönen attracted a different kind of attention after Saturday’s third practice. A two-minute video was released on Reddit, which depicts Räikkö in his F1 car in a depot.

Räikkönen is quite in place on the video until, at the end of the video, he wakes up when the team radio tells us by testing the radio connection.

“It’s good,” Räikkönen says and opens his visor, rubbing his eyes.

The video is followed by about 450 comments, among other things, stating the former F1 drivers Damon Hillin and Kevin Magnussen the cab of the acclaimed F1 car is quite a comfortable and warm place, so falling asleep is possible.

One commenter also states that “the riding suit is pajamas”.

The second race of the F1 season in Imola starts at 4 p.m.

He was the first in Finland to report on a video broadcast by Reddit Evening paper.

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