Formula 1 | Sebastian Vettel can only test Aston Martin for a day before the start of the season – “I’m not worried”

According to Vettel, preparing for tests before the season is key.

From Ferrari departed four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel is only getting one and a half days of test time with its new Aston Martin formula before the start of the season, says website. However, the four-time world champion is not worried about the limited test time.

In September, Vettel signed a contract to Racing Point, which will become the Aston Martin stable this year. The Aston Martin car will be a new development version of Racing Point’s old RP20 car. Testing for the 2021 season is limited to just three days per car.

“I hear on the basis of prior period has been only one test, when I for the first time in the new car. Am I worried? En. If that happens, then it must be satisfactory. Over the years, I’m used to the lack of testing time. Even if a day and a half doesn’t sound like much, it will do enough, ”Vettel said.

“The rules are the same for everyone, and a lot can be prepared in advance today. I think the key is to prepare for the test and the first race. ”

Aston Martin’s team manager Otmar Szafnauerin according to Vettel, it is not possible to get used to the stable car by driving an old car, as driving a two-year-old car is out of the question.

“We’re doing everything we can to get Sebastian integrated into the stable.”


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