Formula 1 | Nico Rosberg marveled at Mercedes’ Bottas solution, the team manager replied: “We had no other choice”

Mercedes depot tactics failed in the French gp, leading to Red Bull driver Max Verstappen winning.

Mercedes Valtteri Bottas was the first to change tires in Formula One’s French gp, and this was part of a series of events that led to Red Bull’s Max Verstappen to victory.

Winged by two exchanges, Verstappen overtook Mercedes Lewis Hamilton, with which, like Bottas, the tires were completely run out at the end of the race.

“What a mistake from Mercedes again, how much they have this year. Taking Bottas to the depot, it led to Verstappen’s entry and it in turn brought Hamilton to the depot,” Nico Rosberg spoke in the role of commentator on Sky Sports.

“Mercedes created it all all by itself,” Rosberg concluded.

Rosbergin according to Mercedes “was too greedy” with Bottas. Mercedes team manager Toto Wolff however, disagreed.

“We had no other choice. Valtter’s tire had begun to throb, and we were worried that it was already affecting the suspension. He was threatened with damage at any moment,” Wolff explained to Autosport. by.

“We knew we were going to start the depot stops too early, but we had no other choice.”



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