Formula 1 | Mick Schumacher drove violently against the wall, the two cars hit each other in the depot

The fastest in Hamilton’s last practice before Verstappen and Bota.

Mercedes Lewis Hamilton held the fastest pace in Formula One in the third practice of the Hungarian GP. Hamilton was 0.088 seconds faster on the Hungaroring track than Red Bull, who is leading the World Series Max Verstappen.

Valtteri Bottas was just 0.2 seconds behind his teammate Hamilton and was third.

The top spruce was completed by Ferrari drivers Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc and McLaren Lando Norris. Alfa Romeon Kimi Raikkonen was the 15th fastest.

Exercises was suspended for a moment with a red flag after the Haas stable Mick Schumacher lost control of the stern of his car and slid at high speed into the wall in a quick bend 11. Schumacher did not injure himself in the situation, but his car was badly damaged.

The depot also saw a special situation when Alfa Romeo was released Antonio Giovinazzin out of the depot almost directly to Aston Martin Lance Strollin on the road. Giovinazzi managed to stop his car, but his front wing touched Stroll’s rear tire.

In Budapest is cooler on Saturday than yesterday, when track surface temperatures rose by more than 60 degrees in the heat. The drop in temperature is expected to benefit Red Bull, which was in little difficulty during Friday’s rehearsals.

The time trials of the Hungarian gp will be run at 4 pm Finnish time.



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