Formula 1 | Michael Schumacher’s longtime manager now opens up for reasons why he hasn’t met a formula legend in years: “I made a mistake”

Willi Weber was Schumacher’s manager for nearly 20 years, but he has never met a formula legend since a fatal accident.

24.8. 19:37

Formula the seven-time world champion of the number one Michael Schumacher and Willi Weber were an almost inseparable duo for nearly 20 years. Schumacher competed victoriously, and Weber resigned in the background as manager, making contracts with a German multiple millionaire.

The day before Christmas 2013, Weber saw Schumacher, his “best friend,” for the last time. Just a few days later, Schumacher was involved in a fatal downhill accident in which he suffered serious injuries to his head. Since then, very little has been said about Schumacher’s condition.

Now Weber says RTL.deaccording to in his biography published on Friday Benzin im Blut (Gasoline in the veins) for breaking the gap in the Schumacher family.

“To this day: no calls, no letters. On that day of severe pain, he removed me, ”Weber writes and refers to Schumacher’s wife Corinna Schumacheria.

“Why can’t I meet Michael? Why am I being punished? ”

In an RTL interview, Weber wonders why this happened.

“I made a mistake,” he says.

“If I had known in advance, I would not have done so. I immediately took a flight and went to the hospital [jossa Schumacheria hoidettiin]. ”

Weber said he saw a huge crowd outside the hospital and he didn’t want to go there to queue.

“It was wrong! Should have flown right away. I have regretted it thousands of times. ”

Weber says he knows “somewhat” what condition Schumacher is in.

“But I don’t want to talk about it. Nothing has changed for me.”

Weber says he has now overcome the fact that he is not allowed to meet Schumacher.

“I managed to close that chapter and I didn’t suffer anymore.”

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