Formula 1 | Max Verstappen acknowledged Lewis Hamilton’s error in the start and won the F1 sprint – Räikkönen rose convincingly

The Red Bull sprint was twofold. Max Verstappen won, but Sergio Perez spun and stopped.

F1 history the first sprint in Silverstone, UK ended Max Verstappen to victory. Lewis Hamilton was another and Valtteri Bottas third.

Verstappen set off behind Hamilton from another square, but attacked the top as soon as the lights went out. The British driver’s start was downright gruesome. Even Bottas had to come past him from the third square.

The sprint was run 17 laps, or about a hundred miles. In total, the rumble lasted only half an hour.

Verstappen corrected the victory by three league points. Hamilton scored two and Bottas one.

Charles Leclerc was sprint fourth and Lando Norris fifth.

Sprint was expected to fit To Kimi Räikkönen, and the Iceman also seemed true. Räikkönen, who left the 17th box, immediately rose four places in the first round. He was 13th when he finished.

Bottas, Räikkönen and Alpine duo Fernando AlonsoEsteban Ocon set off with soft tires as the rest of the group of drivers started off with a medium-hard mix.

Alonso also got a great start to the sprint and scored as many as six places in the first round. He took advantage of the soft ring by shooting from box 11 to fifth, but eventually dropped to seventh.

Red Bullin Sergio Perez lost control of his car in the sixth round. He dropped to 18th place and suspended the race as ordered by the team just before the goal.

Also Haasin Nikita Mazepin spun his car again. The Russian driver was already on the road across Friday in the time trial on Friday.

Sprint’s finish order determines the starting order for Sunday’s actual race.



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