Formula 1 | Kimi Räikkönen made a revelation on her phone: Does not use a favorite application

Räikkönen said that he does not call on his phone.

Kimi Raikkonen popped up with his partner Samsung in a promotional video talking about his use of the phone.

The low-key F1 veteran was not surprised by his answers. He said he would take care of mostly work matters on the phone, instead of hanging on to the end of a thread talking to them.

“I don’t play terribly anywhere. I send more messages,” Räikkönen said.

The driver was also asked about his favorite app.

“I don’t know … Youtube? Whatsapp I don’t use,” he replied with a smile.

Cameras are phones on the cutting edge today. The Iceman said he was taking photos of completely random things. For example, when you are busy with your family, surprising situations that are worth perpetuating can come quickly.

Räikkönen also shared a handy tip for using the camera.

“Sometimes you have to take a picture of a trade list, for example,” he advised.

Samsung the brand ambassador is still pouting at the age of 41 in the royal class of motorsport. Räikkönen has not fallen behind the pace of his younger colleagues, but still challenges them to the best of his ability in the Alfa Romeo car.

In the previous race in Azerbaijan, Räikkönen opened his points account for this season in the World Championships, when the seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton suspended the race in the last rounds.

Otherwise, the season has not been particularly memorable. He was calmly familiar with the opening of the points balance.

“Pretty boring race, except for that repeat start. Let’s take one point, which is obtained, ”Räikkönen commented on C Morelle.

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The interviewer asked the veteran how the past year has felt. The answer was a familiar chimney.

– It’s a year, Räikkönen said.



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