Formula 1 | Imola’s crash aftercare continues – Formula boss Ross Brawn holds responsibility for Valtteri Bottas

Valtteri Bottas and George Russell’s Sunday crashes were not punished.

20.4. 14:50

Imolan Kolari in the F1 race was cleared with fright when no injuries occurred. George Russellin and Valtteri Bottas however, the evil-looking crash has sparked a debate over what led to the accident and whose cause it was.

Williams’ Russell set out to overtake Mercedes from Bota. As Russel approached, Bottas steered slightly in his direction. When the Finn spotted Russell, he turned back to the left, giving way.

The Williams driver had time to drift into the slippery lawn, lost control of his car and hit Bottas. Both cars were thrown towards the wall, badly damaged, but personal injury was spared.

Immediately after the crash, Russell rushed to blame Bota for what happened and slapped the Finnish drivers in their helmets. Bottas did not swallow Russell’s teasing, but wondered about Russell’s use both in the competition situation and beyond.

Russell later apologized for his behavior.

About the situation no penalties were imposed as the jury considered it a coincidence in the competition.

Still, many formula influencers have also expressed their views on the events, most recently Formula One motorsport director and former Mercedes team manager Ross Brawn.

In the recap of the race day in his column Brawn places responsibility for what happened on Bottas’ necks.

“Imola is a pretty narrow track, so there’s not much space. When there is wet grass on both sides of the rain, driving becomes very awkward. I am confident that both drivers will analyze the event and learn about it, but it seemed that Valtteri was intercepted by George road, and did not leave her options. “

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